My Story

I have known I was color deficient since I was given a colorblindness test in elementary school. But that didn't deter me from pursuing my goal of becoming a pilot, and so I took my first flying lesson at age 15.

One day, I visited a new AME and didn't pass the CV test. I had been flying for over 15 years and passed multiple medicals without issue, but suddenly I had a limitation. I thought I had done my homework and inquired about the CV test this AME gives, but it turned out they didn't have the one I could see clearly. I was confused and disappointed, and then quickly realized there wasn't a lot of information about the different tests and how they worked. 

The AME told me to "bite the bullet" and sign up for the FAA's Operational Color Vision Test (OCVT), a single chance, all-or-nothing color vision test. If you pass, you receive a color vision waiver for life. If you fail, you will never fly at night again. It is permanent. That AME never mentioned that if I could simply find and take an alternate CV test and pass, the restriction would be removed. No high-stakes test. No visit to the FSDO. Just a phone call and visit to an eye clinic with an alternate test.

Many CVD pilots receive the "not valid at night" limitation from their AME after previously passing with other AMEs and are confused as to what went wrong. Aren't all color vision tests the same? No! Just because you have difficulty with one test doesn't mean you can't pass others. 

And so, CVD Pilot Resources was born. I hope these resources help you. Blue Skies!